The articles, books, reports, and presentations listed below were written by project team members and are relevant to Project READY’s goals. As additional publications related to the project are published, they will be added to this site.

If you are looking for a list of equity-related readings and other materials written by other scholars and activists, please visit or join our Zotero group, where we will keep track of the foundational materials for this project. 

Scholarly Articles

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Reports and White Papers

  • Braun, L. W., Hartman, M. L., Hughes-Hassell, S., & Kumasi, K. (2014). The future of library services for and with teens: A call to action. Young Adult Library Services Association. Retrieved from
  • Hughes-Hassell, S., Kumasi, K., Rawson, C. H., & Hitson, A. (2012). Building a bridge to literacy for African American male youth: A call to action for the library community [White paper]. Retrieved from

Presentations and Professional Development

For links to presentations and professional development tools developed by project team members, please see the Presentations page of the Equity in the Library website and the numerous resources linked from the Building a Bridge to Literacy website.